Update on the Functional Assessment of Currently Employed Technology Scale (FACETS) 4.0

Medicare, commercial insurers, and health care professionals have increasingly depended on websites and IT to connect with patients in the absence of statistics demonstrating that older persons use information technology (IT) to communicate with health care providers or insurers. The FACETS (Functional Assessment of Currently Employed Technology Scale) assesses how well a person uses various information technologies (ITs). FACETS research has shown that as people get older, their use of the internet and other IT decreases considerably, notably for accessing health care. In the context of the present COVID-19 situation, the default use of IT for accessing health care is being highlighted as a barrier to care. The present status of FACETS discoveries in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic is discussed in this chapter. There are recommendations to improve access to care and to boost the use of FACETS to assess which media are most accessible to older individuals for getting health care.

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Charles M. Lepkowsky
Independent Practice, 1143 Deer Trail Lane, Solvang, California 93463, USA.

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