Understanding the Theory of Special Relativity

A characteristic of the formation process of Einstein’s theory of special relativity is the process of coherence between component theories in a conceptual frame growing by assumptions or premises acting as axioms to extract new theoretical theses. The first section of this book is intended to suggest, through this method of growing overall coherence, a proper education of the special theory of relativity. It is a method of cyclical and ecological learning and not a method of linear and mechanical learning. Preliminarily, to consider the characteristics of the special theory of relativity of Einstein, which has coherence between all the theories, and eventually to make a suggestion on the education of the particular theory relatively by coherence increases. The second section of the book is to understand the Special Relativity Theory based on the Logical Procedures of Einstein for Science Education as a first step, adhering to Galileo’s view that the first axiom of Einstein does not exist in any way to evaluate absolute motion in any way. And the second axiom follows the equations and experimental facts of Maxwell that state that light always moves in a vacuum at a constant speed regardless of how the sender (source of light) or the receiver moves. The metaphysics of the absoluteness of time and space by Newton has broken, while the theory of the absolute and finite of the speed of light has been linked to the time-space of Einstein.

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Jun-Young Oh
Hanyang University, Seoul 04763, Republic of Korea.

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