The Role of Problem-based Learning in Post-graduate Pain Medicine Education?

Doctors are expected to assist, teach, train and assess colleagues at almost all stages of their careers yet doctors themselves have received little formal training on how to teach. Teaching is as much a science as an art. Teachers should know their audience to help personalize the learning experience. We propse that substituting a traditional “lecture series” structure with a postgraduate Problem Based Learning (PBL) structure in the context of a pain medicine educational program could improve trainee satisfaction  and  PBL  experience.  The  implementation  of  a  PBL  system  into  a  pain  medicine postgraduate program created a positive learning atmosphere, improved the trainee satisfaction and ultimately should enrich the learning experience in the area of pain medicine. Adapting to the learning needs  of individuals  interested  in  pain  medicine is important  so  that  we  create a  positive  learning atmosphere,  improve the trainee satisfaction and enrich the learning experience in the  area.  Then perhaps more  young doctors will  uncover the professional enjoyment  and exciting  challenges pain medicine provides those of us already involved on a daily basis.

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