The Right to Abortion in North Macedonia: A Brief Study

The right to a safe abortion is included in the list of human rights. Providing women with safe abortion access is a kind of protection and realisation of one of their basic human rights. However, even today, women around the world suffer not only legal barriers, but also stigmatisation and conviction for exercising their right to abortion. Women who live in areas where abortion is outlawed frequently seek out hazardous abortion services and incur terrible repercussions. For a life free of violence, prejudice, and degrading treatment, safe, legal abortion and family planning are vital. In North Macedonia, there are a variety of impediments to accessing and using reproductive health care services, as well as significant inequities. Women from low-income families are disproportionately affected. Contraception is still in short supply, and reproductive health care clinics are dispersed across the country. The study highlights the importance of accurate family planning information, sexuality education, equal and equitable treatment, and access to medical treatments for all women.

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Daniela Antonovska

Skopje, North Macedonia.

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