The Eigen Theory of the Physical World, Edition 2

The fundamental form of a particle of matter in the Eigen Theory of the physical world is a distribution of points that forms a manifold of its own. Each point is formed by the intersection of two eigenvelocity vectors, which are functions of two symmetric and antisymmetric tensors that characterise gravitation and electromagnetism, respectively. There are three stages to the theory’s development. The wave and particle parts of matter are created in the first and second stages. The third stage creates the base manifold, which is defined by an eigen field of a second pair of symmetric and antisymmetric tensors, and in which the particle rotates around an axis through its centre. The first two stages reveal the truth of matter-antimatter, the wave-particle duality in quantum mechanics, and the results of the double-slit experiment. The nature of dark energy and the structure of dark matter are revealed in the third stage. Quantum Mechanics is rebuilt in Eigen Theory; the uncertainty principle, in particular, is abolished.

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Deepal S. Benaragama
9, Primrose Close, Chatham, Kent ME4 6HZ, United Kingdom.

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