Tag: magnesium oxide

Radiation Effects in MgO: Mn2+ Crystals: An Experimental Analysis

This phase is dealing with the discovery and investigation of such and complementary peculiarities of dissemination effects in Mg0:Mn2+ crystal. Magnesium oxide has long been of interest for differing important wonders, including in the way that; defect induced magnetism, spin energized matter reflectivity, broad laser diffusion, thermoluminescent dosimetry etc...
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Nanoparticles as New Antimicrobial Agents

Antimicrobials are the synthetic molecules obtained from natural sources are widely used against pathogenic microbes. The improper use of these antimicrobial agents has resulted in multi-drug resistance property among various pathogens and is a great threat to the global population. Also, the spread of these resistant microbes is a...
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