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Modelling Orthogonal Metal Machining Using Finite Element Analysis

The findings of a research of simulation modelling of orthogonal metal machining using the finite element method and AdvantEdgeTM modelling software are presented in this article. The AdvantEdgeTM is a certified CAE software solution for metal cutting optimization that allows users to examine machining operations in both 2D and...
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Study on the Effect of Nozzle Angle and Air Flow Rate during Nanofluid Minimum Quantity Lubrication Milling of Aerospace Alloy Al7075-T6

Industry nowadays is concentrating on developing various strategies and approaches for implementing sustainable manufacturing, which is a “need of the hour.” With the advent of global competitiveness, industries are focusing their efforts on lowering machining costs, which account for a significant portion of a company’s production cost per part.’...
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