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Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Chickpea Employing ISSR Markers

To detect genetic variations, inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers are commonly utilised. ISSR markers were used to determine genetic diversity in 13 chickpea accessions, both cultivated and wild. The pentanucleotide repeat primer UBC-879 generated the best amplification patterns of all the anchored ISSR primers tested. In total, 150...
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Lablab: A New Crop for Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States of America

Lablab [Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet] is a tropical plant that is native to Asia and Africa. For generations, it has been a novelty garden plant in the United States. Several studies were conducted to characterize lablab productivity under Virginia’s agro-climatic conditions, which are not sub-tropical or tropical. Fresh and...
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Research on Dry Matter Production, Nutrient Cycled and Removed as Well as Soil Fertility Changes in Yam-Based Cropping Systems with Herbaceous Legumes in the Guinea-Sudan Zone of Benin

Deforestation and soil nutrient degradation are common outcomes of traditional yam-based cropping systems (shifting cultivation, slash-and-burn, and short fallow). The aim of this research was to see how yam-based systems with herbaceous legumes affected dry matter (DM) production (tubers, shoots), nutrient removal and recycling, and soil fertility changes. Traditional...
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