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Cultural Effects on Leadership: A Study of Dispositional Resilience in Societies

Beginning with an introduction to the study’s research problem, research question, dispositional resilience theory, different dimensions of culture and society, theoretical foundations of the variables through a definition of terms, literature review, and discussion of research methods and inst The goal of this study was to improve and broaden...
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Future Leaders’ Perception of Democracy in Nigeria

Nigeria’s leaders are widely held to be partly, if not fully, to blame for the country’s current plight. This is mostly in relation to the degradation of democratic tenets that are universally acknowledged. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty regarding whether or not future leaders will follow...
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Social Housing: Emphasizing on Corporate Management Approaches in the UK

Since 1980, the social housing market in the United Kingdom has undergone substantial transformation. The incorporation of market forces into the arena of public service provision under the economic and political philosophy of Neoliberalism has resulted in the evolution of a dynamic operating climate for Social Housing Providers (SHPs)....
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