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A Chalcone Based Flourescent Organic Material (FOM): Efficient Sensing of Lead Ions in Semi-Aqueous Medium| Chapter 8 | New Innovations in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol.7

Using standard spectroscopic and analytical techniques, a chalcone receptor 1 derived from pyrene has been developed, synthesised, and characterised. In semi-aqueous conditions, the probe 1 is used as a lead ion sensor. Over other competing heavy and transition metal ions, Receptor 1 showed a highly selective and sensitive detection...
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Study on Virtual Screening of Treated Pistachio vera Shell Powder as a Potential Sorbent in Sequestering Ubiquitous Divalent Metal Ions from Aqueous Matrices

Water contamination caused by poisonous heavy metals such as Hg(II), Cr(VI), Cd(II), and Pb(II) ions, among others, has gotten a lot of attention recently. Because of their toxicity, accumulation, and biomagnification, increasing quantities of heavy metals in the ecosystem poses a serious health risk. Lead pollution of drinking water...
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