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Study on Leaching Pattern of Phosphate Glass Fertilizers with Different Compositions under Soxhlet Distillation Conditions

The goal of this research is to investigate the leaching of phosphate glass fertilisers of various compositions under Soxhlet distillation settings. In the phosphate systems, glass fertilisers were melted at 900-950°C after soaking for 1 hour. Under Soxhlet distillation conditions with distilled water, a leaching investigation of these glasses...
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Soil pH Interference in the Behavior of Weak Acid Herbicides

Herbicides derived from weak acids can be affected in their sorptive capacity when they interact with soil pH. As a result, when their pH rises, they can reduce their sorption in the soil and increase their leaching. This increases the herbicide’s bioavailability in the soil, resulting in a greater...
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