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A Classical Explanation for the Delayed Quantum Eraser Experiment

From the perspective of Classical Physics, this paper analyses Kim et al’s well-known delayed choice Quantum Eraser experiment from 2000. I’ve sketched out the experiment’s setup. I show that the experiment’s results can be explained using Classical Physics, and that they don’t need “spooky activity at a distance” due...
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Current Management and Treatment of Infantil Hemangiomas

Infantile hemangiomas are the most frequent vascular tumours in children, affecting up to 12% of babies in their first year. Infantile hemangioma appears in the first few weeks of life, grows in size over 3 to 6 months, and then gradually fades over 3 to 7 years. Three-quarters of...
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An Advanced Way to Realize Controlled Nuclear Fusion by γ Laser or γ Ray

Regulated nuclear fusion has made great progress to date, but not the ultimate achievement. The Lawson criteria must be fulfilled as a required condition for nuclear fusion. With their certain frequencies and high enough intensities to irradiate a target ball, a way is proposed to realise controllable-nuclear fusion by...
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