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The First Field Evaluation of Nuclear polyhedrosis Virus against Strawberry Pest, Pentodon algerinum (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) and on the Strawberry Yield

Pentodon algerinum has recently decimated the strawberry plant in Egypt. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of Spodoptera littoralis Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (SpliNPV) and Pentodon algerinum Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (PNPV) against Pentodon third instar larvae in the field on Fortuna strawberry in Qalubia Governorate, as well as their...
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Study of the Habitats, Burrowing Behavior, Physiological Adaptation and Life Cycle of Spadefoot Toad (Pelobates syriacus, Boettger, 1869) at the Southern Limit of Its Distribution in Israel

Based on observations and data collected over more than 30 years in northern Israel, this study describes the habitats, life cycle, larval growth, burrowing behavior, and terrestrial adaptation of spadefoot toads (Pelobates syriacus) in Israel. In Israel, the distribution area extends from the north in the Upper Galilee and...
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