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Advances in Nanotechnology: Spinel and Perovskite Materials for Use in Solid-state Microbatteries for Use in Micro-electro-mechanical Systems Devices

Materials required for the fabrication of a micro lithium-ion battery have been synthesized. Coin cells made of the above materials showed very promising features for future development of microbatteries. Solid electrolytes with high lithium conductivity may serve as useful components for enabling novel lithium ion battery system design. This...
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Advances in Nanotechnology: Development of Sensing Devices with Doped Thin-films Perovskites Materials

Thin films of gas sensitive materials based on the SrFeO2.5+x nonstoichiometric perovskite family were deposited onto an interdigitated gold electrode construction device by room temperature pulsed excimer laser deposition (RT-PLD). Two films sensors based on the SrFe1-yCoyO2.5+x oxides perovskite family, with y=0.75 and 0.5 respectively, have been presented. Their...
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