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The Heart – the Source of All Life | Book Publisher International

As a radio station, the heart can emit waves to other hearts and receive waves in various frequencies from the sun and other hearts via its electro-magnetic field. Good emotions such as love, forgiveness, gratitude, and joy help to keep the heart healthy, however negative emotions such as anger,...
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Antibiotics Impact on Mitochondria Result in Potential Contributions to Carcinogenesis, Coronary pathology, other Medical Conditions and Ecosystem Risks

Calghatgi’s discovery that three popular antibiotics (Abs) enhanced mitochondrial reactive oxygen (ROS) and lipid peroxide (LP) while depleting their natural absorbant glutathione prompted me to look into the potential carcinogenic effects of these genotoxic chemicals. Antibiotics had a wide spectrum of effects on mitochondria and cellular DNA, all of...
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The Role of Cytoskeletal Proteins in the Regulation of Mitochondrial Function

Understanding muscle bioenergetics requires identifying mitochondrial roles and regulatory mechanisms, which is a key challenge in physiology/pathophysiology. Microtubules, intermediate filaments, and microfilaments are three cytoskeletal structures that play a critical role in mitochondrial structure/architecture, intracellular organisation, and motility. Furthermore, various cytoskeleton-mitochondrial contacts can actively contribute to the regulation of...
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