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Territorial Disparities and Health Inequities in Morocco

Territorial disparities and health inequities persist and present a significant challenge for governments and policymakers despite the adoption of various initiatives and action plans aimed either directly or indirectly at reducing inequalities in Morocco. In particular, SDG3—”Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”—and SDG4—”Leave no...
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Universal Health Coverage and Its Impact on Equity on Health Care in Kenya

As indicated by many legislative initiatives and changes, Kenya, like many other international economies, adopted and implemented universal health care. A critical evaluation of the different programmes that the government has launched over the years to achieve Universal Health Care and how this has influenced health equity is presented...
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Analyses of Health Care Reforms in Uganda and Its Impact on Health Equity

Over the years, the Ugandan government, in conjunction with key stakeholders, has begun to implement health policy reforms targeted at improving health care equity. These include expanding access to health care, improving quality of care, improving health-care delivery efficiency, and lowering catastrophic health-care costs. The analysis’ goal was to...
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