Tag: Hamiltonian path

Laceability in the Image Graph of Some Classes of Graphs

A related graph G is dubbed Hamiltonian-t-laceable (Hamiltonian-t*-laceable) if there lives in it a Hamiltonian path ‘tween every pair (not completely one pair) of obvious vertices u and v accompanying the property d(u,v) = ≤ t ≥ , 1 t diamG. In [1] the authors Vaidya and Bijukumar delimited...
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The True Solution of Blasius’s Flat Plate Boundary Layer Equation

Blasius’s flat plate line layer equating has always been a model for a better understanding of the bound layer idea and a didactic example of the exact answer for a particular case of Navier Stokes equatings. However, considering problems in the equating deduction, the signification of some accompanying parameters,...
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