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Tranexamic Coated or Eluted Uterine Balloon and Co Attached Cervical Shutter in Post Partum Haemorrhage. The First all in One Pharmaco-Mechanical Approach

The goal was to provide an economical, convenient gadget to the obstetrician’s arsenal that includes all treatment techniques in one device with a feasible use, high efficacy, and safety, and a pharmacomechanical trinity of activities. A Tranexamic Acid (TXA) – Coated or Eluted Uterine Balloon is described herein for...
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Evaluation of the Haemostatic Activities of Sida corymbosa in Rats

Aims: To evaluate the anti-haemorrhagic activity of the leaf extract of Sida corymbosa in Wistar albino rats, a plant used to arrest bleeding in ethnomedical practices. Methods: The acute toxicity test was carried out in rats. The haemostatic activities of the extract were investigated using the tail bleeding time...
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