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Prevalence of Anaemia and Associated Factors among Children Aged 03-06 Years in Rural Haryana: A Cross-Sectional Community-Based Study

The current study postulated that low haemoglobin levels in rural Haryana children are caused mostly by micronutrient (particularly iron) insufficiency due to poor dietary consumption, which is exacerbated by poor socioeconomic conditions. Three-quarters of Indian children are anaemic, according to reports. Their overall growth and development are being harmed...
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Determining the Osmolality Threshold for Sickle Cell Erythrocyte Hemolysis

  Background: In a homeostatic setting, fluid intake is necessary for metabolic and physiological processes to function properly. Normal red cells are more resistant to changes in serum osmolality than other cells, remaining viable even when serum osmolality decreases to as low as 190 mOsM from the 270-290 mOsM...
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