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The Influence of Habitat Structure and Physico-Chemical Variables on Entomofaunal Diversity in a Headwater Stream of Pamba River, Kerala | Chapter 18 | New Visions in Biological Science Vol.9

The purpose of this study was to see how stream habitat structure and physico-chemical variables affected the insect community diversity in a headwater stream of the holy river Pamba in the Western Ghats. From January to December 2019, habitat variables were assessed, physico-chemical parameters were analysed, and aquatic and...
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Effect of Rotifer Community to Microhabitat Structure Changes Caused by Summer- Concentrated Rainfall in a Shallow Reservoir, South Korea

Empirical studies suggest that the diversity and abundance of macrophytes determine the structural heterogeneity of the microhabitat of the aquatic ecosystem. Excessive accumulation of free-floating macrophytes on the surface of the water will, however, reduce the biomass of submerged macrophytes, leading to a relatively simplified structure of the ecosystem....
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