Tag: Gravitational waves

Something is Seriously Wrong with Cosmology

This study investigates and reports on a number of scientific and mathematical flaws that, taken together, have resulted in a widely held understanding of the universe that is significantly incorrect. Current accepted astrophysics has created an extensive network of hypotheses that are lacking foundation due to a fundamental cosmological...
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Gravitational Telescope

The Global Seismic Antenna (GSA) detects deformations of the Earth of a specific sort, such as those induced by gravitational waves. GSA components are arbitrary “quiet” seismic stations with a GSA aperture of at least 10.000 km. Pulsars are a natural source of gravitational waves that occur on a...
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An Experiment on Wave-Particle Duality

Young’s double slit experiment has been simplified, potentially putting an end to the long-running controversy about wave-particle duality. It has been derived from natural knowledge, which includes a theory. The observer effect is no longer important, and the observed findings are consistent with those of classical physics. Author (s)...
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