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Antifungal, Antiradical and Insecticidal Activities of Some Grass Species

Poaceae is one of the economically important families of plants and includes grass-designated monocotyledonous flowering plants. Grasses are useful as fruit, fodder, essential oil sources, building materials, and medicine. The antifungal, antiradical and insecticidal activity of grass extracts, namely Paspalum conjugatum P.J.Bergius, Oplismenus compositus (L.) P.Beauv., Capillipedium huegelii (Hack.)...
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Nutrient Cycling by Cover Crops in Vegetable Growing under Conservation Agriculture

Nutrient cycling for crop production is desired to reduce environment impact, enhance nutrients use efficiency and reduce cost production.  Several agriculture techniques are available to support this possibility for grower and so give the sustainable production driving for the better nutrient using. Conservation Agriculture is a current system for...
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