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PEROBVC Estimating Method

A blend of two or more sequences of empirical variances has frequently appeared as a sequence of empirical variances. The distributions of these sequences differ. Then there’s the issue of estimating the variance of the fundamental distribution. The Perg mixed distribution of empirical variances is discussed, which is made...
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Optimization of GPS Measurement Process

The subject of this study is a GPS measurement method that achieves maximum measurement accuracy while requiring the least amount of work, i.e. an optimal solution for the GPS measurement process is proposed. Furthermore, the formulae for estimating the measurement accuracy of anticipated GPS base vectors are provided for...
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Influence of Time Variable Errors on the GPS Measurement Accuracy

The overall measurement error is represented as a random process in time, with the error structurally split into three groups due to three different sources, according to the paper. The first group includes time variable errors caused by tropospheric-ionospheric influences, the second group includes time variable errors caused by...
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