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Transgenic Vegetable Breeding for Nutritional Quality and Health Benefits: A Review| Chapter 3 | Emerging Trends in Disease and Health Research Vol.4

Using transgenic techniques, this article highlights recent initiatives to analyse and change nutrients and bioactive chemicals in vegetable crops. Malnutrition and poor dietary habits have become significant risk factors for noncommunicable illnesses. Vegetables are an essential component of a healthy diet. Around 3 billion people worldwide are malnourished as...
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Investigating Proteomic Variations in Transgenic Tomatoes Compared to Its Non-transgenic Counterpart

Three complementary approaches were used for the assessment of proteomic variations due to genetic transformation. These approaches were gel electrophoresis, Gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and amino acids analysis. First we assessed proteomic variations applying gel electrophoresis analysis in two different transformed plants (GM-potato and GM-Tomato) along...
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