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Change Detection Using Landsat Data 2000 and Sentinel Data 2020 for Meghadrigedda Sub-Watersheds Using Hydrogeomorphology, NDWI and, NDVI, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh-India

With global warming and over-exploitation of water resources as a result of population growth and other challenges, several studies are being conducted around the world to restore a balance of current water resources and consumption. This research is based on a 366-square-kilometer watershed surrounding the Meghadrigedda reservoir in the...
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Morphometric Investigations of Tapi Micro Watershed, Asirgarh, Burhanpur District, MP, India with Emphasis on Geographical Data Analysis

Morphometry is a useful tool for identifying the earth’s morphological and hydrological properties. The goal of this study is to determine the morphological characteristics of the Tapi micro watershed. Geospatial inquiry, which includes remote sensing (RS), geographic information systems (GIS), and global positioning systems (GPS), has shown to be...
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Comparing the Irrigation Systems in Different Agro-Ecological Zone of Domar Upazila, Nilphamari, Bangladesh

An agro-ecological (AEZ) zone defines all characteristics of agricultural phenomena such as temperature, rainfall, humidity, soil quality, soil fertility, and crop pattern in a specific area. This research was conducted to establish irrigation distribution, crop pattern, and their relationship. H. Brammer’s research “Agroecological aspects on agricultural research of Bangladesh”...
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