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Antigiardial Effect of Kramecyne in Experimental Giardiasis: General Overview

A variety of drugs are used in giardiasis treatment with different levels of efficiency, presence of side effects, and even formation of resistant strains, so that it is important to search new only-one-dose treatments with high efficiency and less side effects. Kramecyne, an anti-inflammatory compound isolated from methanolic extract...
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STAT3 Mutations, Parasitic Infection and the IL-17 Pathway | Chapter 10 | Current Trends in Disease and Health Vol. 3

Parasitic infections may be commonly found in global distribution in endemic areas. Parasitic infections are associated with a serum IgE response and peripheral eosinophilia. Strongyloides and Ascaris infections are examples of parasitic infections and pulmonary disease. The combined presence of parasitic infections and high immunoglobulin level E (IgE) levels...
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