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A Review of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Ademolus Classification of Hypogly

Hyperglycemia found at any stage during pregnancy should be classed as diabetes mellitus in pregnancy or gestational diabetes mellitus, according to the World Health Organization. Women with diabetes and women with intermediate hyperglycemia, impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), and impaired fasting glycemia (IFG) as described in non-pregnant individuals are included...
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Comparison between a Single Glucose Challenge Test Procedure and Conventional 2 Hour Oral Glucose Tolerance Test for Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Background: GDM is very common in India, with an estimated frequency of 8-17 percent. As a result, glucose intolerance screening is required to protect both the mother and the kid from negative long-term repercussions. If a significant section of the population develops abnormal glucose tolerance, this is cause for...
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