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L-DOPA/Capsazepine or L-DOPA/Rimonabant Co-Administration in an Experimental Parkinson Disease Model: Behavioral and Cellular Consequences

The ability of rimonabant or capsazepine with the addition of L-DOPA in: (1) the severity of LIDs, the dyskinetic effects were assessed using measures of abnormal involuntary movements (AIMs); (2) the protection of dopaminergic cell loss; and (3) the cytological differences between treatments were assessed by analysing the number...
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Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis- A Diagnostic Conundrum!

Introduction: Tuberculosis continues to be the ninth leading cause of death worldwide. Pulmonary tuberculosis [PTB] being an infectious form of the disease receives greater attention & significance; while, the silent forms of disease like latent tuberculosis infection [LTBI] or extrapulmonary [EPTB] form of disease remains as the most neglected...
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Cytology Services Utilisation Pattern in North-Central Nigeria

Introduction: Cytology  is  a  simple,  fast,  low  cost,  minimally  invasive  and  sensitive  technique  for evaluating  cells  sampled  from  lesions  in  the  body. Cytology  also  has  the  peculiar  advantages  of minimal invasiveness, low cost and speed. It is an aspect of pathology service at its fledgling stage in most institutions...
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