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Determination of Adoption of Organic & AMP; Conventional Farming and Climatic Smart Agricultural Practises among Smallholder Farmers in Nyaribari Chache Sub-County, Kisii County, Kenya

Smallholder farmers are frequently affected by climatic changes. In Nyaribari Chache Sub-County, Kisii County, this study sought to determine the extent of adoption of various organic and conventional crop and soil management practises in farms, as well as assess the contribution of Climate Smart Agricultural strategies on adaptation to...
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A Decade Plus of Monoculture Wheat Compared to Wheat/Legume Pastures – Long-term Effects of Management Practices on Some Soil Physicochemical and Microbial Properties in the Winter Rainfall Region of South Africa

With the ever-increasing demand for food and fibre by the rising human population, the quest for sustainable agriculture has intensified. Monoculture has been discovered to be unsustainable and to have a negative effect on the soil’s ability to grow food and fibre. In 2010, we published the results of...
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