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Solid Waste Management Practice, Handling and Planning in the Construction Industry

The building sector contributes significantly to the national economy. Inadequate construction waste management leads to a variety of problems, including illegal dumping along roadsides, demolition rubbish, and landfill disposal of building waste. Malaysia is facing a significant shortage of landfill space, which has lately exacerbated across the country, providing...
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Application of Geophysical Methods in Foundation Failure Investigation in the Metro Hostel, Camp Area, Abeokuta, South Western Nigeria

This study used a combination of geophysical techniques, including vertical electrical sounding (VES) and seismic refraction, to determine the cause(s) of the foundation failure of the Metro Hostel Building opposite Mechanic Village, Camp Area, Abeokuta, Nigeria. The main structure that has been impacted is a two-story building that is...
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