Tag: Bifurcation

The Emergence and Evolution of the Universe Lev Z.

The world’s cosmological representation is complemented by the incorporation of virtual objects, mass defect phenomena, entropic interaction, and bifurcation. Space is known as an infinite homogeneous multiplicity of virtual point objects with a certain energy during the time before the emergence of our Universe and are capable of transitioning...
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Oscillatory Blood Flow in Bifurcating Capillaries

Oscillatory blood flow in bifurcating capillaries is examined. The governing nonlinear and coupled equations expressed in the form of the Boussinesq approximations are solved by the method of perturbation series expansions. Solutions for the concentration, temperature and velocity are obtained, and presented quantitatively using Malple 18 computational software. The...
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Fluid Flow in Bifurcating Rectangular Porous Systems under Magnetic Field Influence

Steady MHD fluid flow in a bifurcating rectangular porous channel is presented. The governing nonlinear equations are solved analytically by the methods of similarity transformation and regular perturbation series expansions. Expressions for the temperature, concentration and velocity are obtained and analyzed graphically. The results show that increase in bifurcation...
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