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Discrete Dynamical Systems: With Applications in Biology -2nd Edition

Discrete-time dynamical systems, also known as difference equations, are increasingly being utilised to model biological and ecological systems in which each measurement is separated by a time interval. The iterative maps are used in this modelling technique. Iterative maps are an important aspect of nonlinear systems dynamics because they...
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Chemical Engineering Processes Stability Theory

It is presented a theoretical analysis of the stability of non-equilibrium chemical engineering processes. A unified approach is proposed for the development of mathematical models of systems that allow for the determination of the velocities at which the systems move to their thermodynamic equilibriums and their application to mathematical...
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Discrete Dynamical Systems: With Applications in Biology

Discrete-time dynamical systems or difference equations have been increasingly used to model the biological and ecological systems for which there is time interval between each measurement. This modeling approach is done through using the iterative maps. Iterative maps are an essential part of nonlinear systems dynamics as they allow...
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