Tag: Best linear unbiased estimation

Estimation of a Parameter of Certain Bivariate Distributions with Equal Coecients of Variation by Concomitants of Record Values

In this work, we deals with the estimation of a parameter of some bivariate distributions with equal coe_cients of variation by concomitants of record values.We consider the problem of estimation of the parameter _2 involved in Bivariate Normal distribution(BVND), Morgenstern type bivariate logistic distribution(MTBLD) and Morgenstern type bivariate exponential...
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Estimation of the Location Parameter of Certain Distributions with Known Coefficient of Variation by Order Statistics

We discuss the general technique of estimating the location parameter of certain distributions with known coefficient of variation by order statistics.Also we estimate the location parameter of normal distribution,logistic distribution , exponential distribution and right triangular distribution using order statistics .Also we include a real life data to estimate...
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