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Knots Prevent the Development of Economy: A Case Study from Vietnam

Despite the fact that Vietnam’s GDP has increased significantly during the last ten years. However, Vietnam’s economy is currently confronted with two significant obstacles, referred to as the “two knots,” namely, institutional and transportation infrastructure. This research uses a quantitative method called multivariable linear regression to analyse these two...
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Hindrances to Women Advancing to Principals’ Decision Making Positions in Secondary Schools in Kenya: An Approach towards Evidence of Convergence and Divergence Views

This chapter includes findings based on male and female principals’ perspectives on challenges or impediments that contribute to women’s underrepresentation in secondary school leadership, management, and administration positions. The study took place in a Kenyan county and used a quantitative survey approach with 22 male and 18 female principals...
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Barriers to Implementation of Facility-based Kangaroo Mother Care for Pre-term and Low Birth Weight Infants in River Nile State, Sudan; 2014

Background: Prematurity and low birth weight (LBW) currently account for approximately 40% of neonatal deaths in developing countries. Objectives: To identify major factors that limit the introduction of kangaroo mother care (KMC) services in River Nile State, Sudan. Methods: A facility based qualitative cross-sectional study conducted in two hospitals...
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