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The Influence of pH on the Properties of SILAR Deposited Cobalt Selenide Films

The following concerning ancient culture layer adsorption and response system (SILAR) has existed secondhand for the growth of miscellaneous types of thin films. Because of this pattern has various benefits such as cheap, plain method, can control film thickness and reduced hotness result. In this work, twofold compound such...
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Metal Oxide Thin Films Used as Solar Absorbers: Review

Metal oxide materials are gaining popularity due to their remarkable physical, optical, and electrical qualities. Laser devices, supercapacitors, solar cells, biosensors, biomedicine, photo catalysis, and luminous materials are just a few of the uses for these thin films. Many scientists have documented the synthesis of metal oxide films utilising...
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Cu4SnS4 Thin Films: Advances in Research

Cu4SnS4 thin films have been synthesized using electro deposition, chemical bath deposition and Thermal evaporation method. XRD confirmed that these films have polycrystalline in nature with orthorhombic structure. The band gap was determined using UV-Visible spectrophotometry data, about 1.2 to 1.94 eV. The obtained films could be used in...
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