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Organic Production of Banana Fibres for Pollution-free and Environmental Benefits

This book covers key fields of Agriculture and Food Science. The contributions by the authors contain banana fibres, fibre extraction, tangible safe, mycotoxins, toxigenic fungi, claviceps, aflatoxins, trichothecene, ochratoxins, fumonisins, patulin, zearalenone, cooking supplement, cocoa waste, fortifying substance, scorched products, flour, drying movement, sweet potato, moisture content, new tray...
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Post Harvest Treatments to Enhance Shelf Life of Banana

Banana is one of the most ancient crops in the world. It is the most appreciated fruit because of its multipurpose use as food. Being perishable, it deteriorates very quickly. Post-harvest treatment with various suitable chemicals like potassium permanganate, ethrel, dipping in hot water, cold water and use of...
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