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Microbial Profiling, Bioremediation of Cadmium and Dye Decolourization Competence of Marine Bacterial Isolates | Chapter 11 | New Innovations in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol.7

The microbial community is one of the many varied groups found in the ocean. Studies have showed that microorganisms isolated from the marine environment are metabolically active and have adapted to life in the water. To battle heavy metal stress and decolorization of diverse textile dyes, marine microorganisms employ...
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Latest Research on Bacillus Subtilis: Dec – 2019

Essential Bacillus subtilis genes To estimate the minimal gene set required to sustain bacterial life in nutritious conditions, we administered a scientific inactivation of Bacillus subtilis genes. Among ≈4,100 genes of the organism, only 192 were shown to be indispensable by this or previous work. Another 79 genes were...
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