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Mathematical Cosmogony and Axiomatics of Cosmology

Mathematical Cosmogony and Cosmological Axiomatics are briefly covered in this paper. The Universe is the mathematical continuum’s bifurcation. There is no hardware, only software, which we are currently restoring on paper. On this path, matter evolves and ends up in the Solar System of planets or the entire Cosmos....
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The Mechanical Roots of Hehl & Obuchov’s Principles of Electromagnetism – A Contribution to the Unity of Classical Physics

I look at the connections between Hehl and Obuchov’s electromagnetism principles and classical mechanics, and show that the most essential ones can be reduced to Newton, Euler, Lagrange, and Helmholtz’s point-mechanical principles. This suggests that the Lorentz force and the Maxwell-Lorentz equations are primarily determined by, or at least...
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