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Machine Learning Application, Isotherm Modelling and Adsorption Kinetics for the Removal of Chromium (VI) using Carissa Carandas

The basic aim concerning this study search out examine and conclude the capacity of cheap biography-sorbent Carissa carandas in erasing chromium from environmental pollutant water utilizing examining methods and machine intelligence methods to a degree Radial Basis Function Neural Networks. The adsorption method has been usual to separate ingot...
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Studies on the Adsorption Efficiency of Activated Carbon for Pesticide Vapour: Brief Overview | Chapter 6 | Theory and Applications of Chemistry Vol. 4

Chlorpyrifos pesticides are endocrine disruptors, inhibitors of acetyl cholinesterase, used to control pests and prime contributors to indoor pollution in retail stores. Seven selected locally sourced adsorbents; Bone charcoal (BCA), corncobs, cotton seed, kokoli, sawdust, coconut shell (CSA) and Muruchi were evaluated. Only BCA and CSA shows peaks and...
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