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Application of Motivational Techniques to Improve Sports Participation and Performance among Adolescents: Implications to Sports Administration in Secondary Schools

This research is on the application of motivational techniques to improve sports performance and participation among adolescents: Implications to sports Administration in secondary schools in Nigeria. The researchers investigated sufficient use of motivational techniques as a tool, feedbacks, reinforcement and punishment, goal-setting as factors influencing the application of motivation...
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The Relationship between Stunting and Some Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors among Yemeni Children and Adolescents | Chapter 6 | Current Trends in Disease and Health Vol. 3

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the influence of sex, residence area, age group, school enrollment, poverty status and income quintiles variables on the prevalence of stunting among Yemeni children and adolescents. The investigation was done on all children and adolescents (3004) aged 5-19 years that included...
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