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Three Different Anaesthetic Techniques in Unilateral Elective Hip Surgeries (Combined Lumbosacral Plexus Block, Spinal and Epidural): A Comparative Study

In unilateral elective hip operations, to compare the efficacy of combined lumbosacral plexus block vs subarachnoid block and epidural in terms of motor and sensory blocking, surgeon and patient satisfaction, and time to first rescue analgesia. The purpose of this study was to see how combined lumbosacral plexus block...
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Investigating the Adequacy of Textual Materials Used in Teaching Science in Nigeria Secondary Schools for Conceptual Understanding with the New Physics and Chemistry Curriculum in View

This study investigated the adequacy of physics and chemistry textbooks used in Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria using Owerri municipal as case study. Five research questions guided the study. The sampled textual materials were the three recommended physics and chemistry textbooks. Twenty six physics teachers and thirty chemistry teachers...
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