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Comprehensive Review on a Complicated Endocrine Disorder (Acromegaly)

This article’s goal is to familiarise readers with acromegaly’s symptoms, indicators, and treatments. Acromegaly is a condition that causes abnormalities in other metabolic systems as well as excessive body tissue growth. The anterior pituitary’s oversecretion of growth hormone is what causes it. A benign (non-cancerous) tumour is typically what...
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Screening the Thyroid before Initiating Treatment for Acromegaly?

Aim: To present a case of acromegaly with coexisting thyrotoxicosis and to emphasize the relevance of screening the screening the thyroid before initiating treatment for thyrotoxicosis. Presentation of the Case: A 55-year-old lady presented with palpitations, and weight loss of two months’ duration. She also noted her fingers and...
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