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Unusual Appearance of Multifocal Nodular Fatty Liver Infiltration with Hemosiderosis in a Patient with Leukemia: An Approach towards Challenge in Diagnosis

The goal of this study was to describe one of the difficulties in diagnosing liver abnormalities in the context of cancer diagnosis, as well as the impact on patient management. In computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), hepatic steatosis is a common result (MRI). Chemotherapy increases the...
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Granulomatous Lobular Mastitis: A Clinicopathological Study

Granulomatous Lobular Mastitis is a rather uncommon illness. This condition resembles cancer and tuberculosis. This syndrome is characterised by granulomatous inflammation with multinucleated large cells and epithelioid histiocytes. The inflammation is concentrated in the lobules. The purpose of this study is to look at the clinical and pathological features...
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Necrotizing Fasciitis as a Complication of Odontogenic Abscess

Infections in the mouth can become serious and spread. Necrotizing fasciitis is an uncommon infection that affects primarily immunocompromised persons. It usually manifests as a significant complication of dental infections, impairing the patient’s general health and even posing a life-threatening hazard. It is necessary to recognize the clinic quickly...
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