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Root-knot Nematode Infections in Okra in the Middle Belt of Ghana

Between August and December 2014, a survey was undertaken in six of Ghana’s major okra-growing districts. Its goal was to figure out how common, how severe, and how common root-knot disease was in okra caused by root-knot worms. For the study, 54 solitary okra fields were chosen from 18...
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Adsorptive Interactions of Natural Antifungals with Metal Ferrocyanides and its Pharmaceutical Potential

The study aimed to investigate the adsorptive interactions of metal hexacyanoferrates (II) and ethanol and  acetone  extracts  of  natural  antifungals.  Nickel,  manganese  and  copper  hexacyanoferrates (II) were synthesized and characterized by elemental and spectral studies. Each metal hexacyanoferrate (II) was combined with two natural antifungals: coconut (Cocos nucifera)  and ...
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