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Scientific Foundation of Real-Time Input-Output Tabulation Method and AI — Organic Combinations and Connections between the Optimal Input-output Planning Model and Automation, Information, Intellectualization, Big Data, New Cloud Computing Technology, Internet of Things or New Internet Industry & AI Technology

The application of Big Data, new Cloud Computing technology, Internet of Things or new internet industry, and AI will usher in a massive revolution in human beings based on combinations of automation, information, and intelligence, which will consequently rock the foundations of modern economy, politics, social sciences, management and...
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A Brief Introduction of Scientific thought, Theory and Method of “Real-Time Input- Output Tabulation Method

The contribution of “Real-time input-output tabulation technique” scientific thinking, theory, and method to human civilization, 1) The tabulation method has been established based on information technology to gather the basic data needed for the real-time analysis of the optimal micro material-based input-output planning model, and it can objectively reflect...
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Standalone Thermopneumatic Micro Bellows Actuator using 3D Printing Technology

Typical pneumatic soft micro actuators can be created without the use of heavy driving components like pumps and power supplies by using an independent battery-powered mechanism. The fabrication of a thermopneumatically operated soft micro bellows actuator and its experimentally proven standalone operation are presented in this study. Thermopneumatic actuation...
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