Study on Bioactivity of Food and Drug Homologous Products

In China and Korea, the medicinal food homogeneous resource has been exploited for millennia. Traditional Chinese medicine, in particular, was the most important means to treat diseases before modern China, and traditional Chinese medicine was primarily natural medicine, including plants, animals, and minerals. Natural animals, plants, and minerals were also used to provide nourishment for humans. As a result, traditional Chinese medicine and food came from the same places, and the majority of them could be used as both medication and drink. It’s for the purpose of food. As a result, the accurate and acceptable application of diet, as well as adherence to the use of drug and food homologous substances, will play a role in the drug’s inability to achieve the desired impact. The concentrated medication and food homology are introduced in this book.

Author(s) Detalis

Ruokun Yi

Chongqing University of Education, China.

Xin Zhao
Chongqing University of Education, China.

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