Studies on Global Redox Carbon Cycle and Periodicity of Some Phenomena in Biosphere (6381)

A global redox carbon cycle model is used to investigate the irregular periodicity of some biosphere events such as climatic cycles, mass extinctions, sudden changes in biodiversity rate, and others over geological time. It is demonstrated that the periodicity of these various natural events is caused by a single cause. Moving lithospheric plates have a periodic impact on photosynthesis via CO2 injections, which is the cause. The oxidation of sedimentary organic matter via thermochemical sulphate reduction from the subduction zone, where plates clash, is the source of CO2. Orogenic cycles are generated by the periodicity and irregularity of lithospheric plate movement, which occur against a backdrop of orogenic cycles. Identify the geological events that occurred in the past. Orogenic cycles occurred until the carbon cycle reached the ecological compensation point, which occurs when the amount of photosynthetically produced carbon equals the amount of reduced carbon oxidised in the Earth’s crust’s various oxidation processes. Long-term orogenic cycles were replaced by short-term climatic oscillations after this time. The orogenic cycles and climatic oscillations share the same set of characteristics, indicating that they are of the same nature. The only things that have changed are the length of the event and the magnitude of its impact.

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Dr. Alexander A. Ivlev
Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Agricultural Academy of Timiryazev, Timiryazevskaya str. 49 Moscow 127550, Russia.

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