Security Issues in a Changing Asian Region

The book “Security Issues in a Changing Asian Region” examines the region’s geopolitical architecture from the late twentieth century to the year 2020. It delves into the key sources of regional threats to peace and security, as well as the political, social, and security factors that stymie regional growth and interregional cooperation. This research focuses on the position of India’s sociopolitical situation in the development of the Asian region’s geopolitical map, as well as the country’s foreign policy values, involvement in regional security, and activities within regional cooperation organisations. Security issues have spread across Asia, according to a study of Asian security. Simultaneously, such issues have a substantial negative effect on bilateral fiscal, trade, and investment ties. Inter-regional ties, both current and expected, are seen as promising tasks by New Delhi. Mutual economic interests can help keep political tensions under check, at least for the time being. India has immense potential, and if the new government realises it, it will be able to play a strategic role in Asia.

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Rano Tuychiyeva
Uzbekistan State University of World Languages, Uzbekistan

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