Recent Development of High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Cable Application to Ship Deperming Work

We investigate a system of high-current cables put on the seabed for the aim of magnetic deperming naval ships. A magnetic field is imposed vertically on the ship to deperm it. A moderate magnetic field of over 2400 A/m, with alternately changing direction and progressively diminishing intensity, will be placed over the volume equivalent of several thousand tonnes of ship. Because of the limitations imposed by the cable’s resistivity, a cable with a typical conductor requires a big power supply. and a rapid decline of the magnetic field with distance from the source This application calls for a high-temperature superconducting cable. We specified a maximum current of 200 kA for the cable and a length of 1200 m on a seabed at a depth of 12 m. Our most recent cable design is a stack of Rare-Earth-Barium-Copper-Oxide tape conductors wrapped and cooled to 50 K with helium gas. Following that, cooling to 20 K using the same cable base approach is illustrated to reduce the high cost of the tape conductor.

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M. Hirota
Representative, Naval Ship M&UEP Research Committee, Tokyo 1130023, Japan.

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