Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Business and Management Dynamics

This book covers various fields such as digital sophistication, brand management, branding, cross-country research, omnichannel, leadership style, creative behaviour, creativity, components, South Africa, Black Friday, consumer value, customer loyalty, Generation Y, cognitive resources, quality of service, dimensions of service quality, customer satisfaction, airports, structuring, quick-cash, utility maximizers, HR practitioners, recruitment, sustainability, institutional philosophy, atmosphere, policy, five main personality factors, work satisfaction, job efficiency, access to finance, infrastructure, management skills, education level, small business enterprise, entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship, Chad, support for entrepreneurship, marketing communication resources (advertising, personal sales, advertising), SMEs, Retail Companies, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Professional Sport, Socially Responsible Marketing, Training Effectiveness, Training Outcomes, Testing Methodology Workshop, Public Service, Talent Appeal, Talent Retention, Financial Incentives, Non-Financial Rewards, Tertiary Institutions, Competitiveness, Destination Branding, Metrics, Nelson Mandela Bay, Tourism, Organizational Rewards, Tourism Preference for code, ethnography, linguistic environment, multilingualism, cost control, performance of organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises, budget, costing based on operation, standard costing, trade, regionalism, uncertainty, township economy, shebeen, taverns, liquor, market stakeholders, licences, market orientation, policy, strategic orientation, public, private sector, advertisement, ethnography.

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Michael Twum-Darko
Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa.

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